Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

At the Law Office of Dolly Hernandez in Miami, I always strive to find amicable and collaborative solutions for all parties involved. These agreements often cater to the needs of each party, and promote a more amicable parenting environment for any child involved.

As an ABA Section Advisor for the Uniform Law Commission's Family Law Arbitration Drafting Committee, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, I provide my clients unique insight that can help them resolve their issues without facing the emotional and financial challenges of a trial.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Through the process of mediation, both parties negotiate the terms of their divorce with the oversight of an experienced attorney. While many couples jump straight to tense litigation proceedings, mediation has its benefits:

  • Each party has their needs addressed. Negotiation is all about compromise, and finding creative solutions that safeguard the rights and needs of both parties.
  • It's faster, cost-effective and less stressful. The mediation process avoids the lengthy and costly process of litigation, helping you avoid the worries of a lengthy legal process.
  • Agreements often last longer. Because both parties agree on the resolution, and everyone's interests are represented, each party is more likely to uphold their end of the agreement.
  • It promotes a more collaborative parenting experience. When each parent agrees on the terms of their parenting plan, this allows for a more amicable and collaborative environment for the child.

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